About Us

SPACEWRAP is an interior designing  and colour consultancy firm based in Mumbai, India. The company was founded in the year  2000  by Meghana Jog, who is an architect and specializes in interior design.

Having successfully completed various types of projects over the past several years, we are fully equipped to give you the perfect design solutions for your home or work space.

We work on aesthetically planning and designing interior spaces. Exciting and innovative solutions are worked out to cater to specific client requirements & personalities maintaining a sense of balance & proportion.

We achieve this by interacting with the client with the help of preliminary layouts, sketches etc. and explaining our recommendations. Once specific solutions are agreed upon, final execution drawings are generated and the same are brought into reality by personalized supervision throughout the span of the project.

Our Services

  • Interior Designing

    We provide interior designing services for residential and commercial spaces. This includes apartments, bungalows, farmhouses, offices, clinics, boutiques, and more…

  • Colour Consultancy

    We provide on-site colour recommendations. Suitable colours are suggested after visiting the site and taking into consideration the décor of the space and the client requirement.

  • Décor Consultancy

    We can also give your space a complete makeover! By keeping your existing furniture, but changing its finish and also changing the wall colours and upholstery selection, your space can have a fresh new look in no time.


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